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Tank Removal

Underground TankDo you have old, underground storage tanks taking up space on your property? Whether you need a heating oil tank removed from your residential property or a fuel storage tank removed from an old gas station, we can help. Deteriorating fuel tanks can cause a whole host of problems, from leaks that can cause soil deterioration to difficulty selling the property down the line. When you enlist the help of Capital Environmental Enterprises Inc. for fuel storage tank removal, you can rest assured that your underground tank is removed properly, with full regard to the integrity of your property. With over 22 years' experience providing a variety of environmental services to the residents and business owners of Indianapolis and the surrounding communities, our tank removal specialists are well-versed in the various procedures and OSHA regulations required for the removal and disposal of underground fuel storage tanks. In addition to being state certified, Capital Environmental Enterprises Inc. is a Registered Environmental Health Specialist with the National Environmental Health Association, so you can rely on us for fuel/oil tank removal that keeps the safety of you and your property in mind.

When you need underground tank removal, the first step is to obtain the necessary state permits. Our professionals can advise you on what paperwork is required, and we will review all of the documentation before we begin excavation. Once you have the required permits, we will begin the process of marking your underground utility lines and carefully excavating the home heating oil tank or fuel storage tank, avoiding any additional damage that may contribute to hazardous leaks. Once the tank is exposed, our tank removal specialists will siphon any fuel into a sealed container for appropriate disposal. Any residual fuel left after siphoning will be manually absorbed, followed by a thorough cleaning and inspection of the tank before it is removed from the premises.

Following the removal of oil or fuel tanks, our trained professionals will conduct an investigation of the excavation area, identifying potential signs of leaks, such as dark stains in the soil or soil that has an oily odor. If it appears that a leak has occurred, we will use our expertise to advise you on an appropriate course of action. We can even conduct thorough soil testing to ensure that your property is free of any contaminants from your fuel storage tanks.

In addition to providing underground tank removal services, Capital Environmental Enterprises Inc. is also available to repair underground fuel storage tanks through retrofitting. To learn more about our tank removal and repair services, call or e-mail us today.

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